Zerif Lite #1 Free One Page WordPress Theme


Zerif Lite #1 Free One Page WordPress Theme – Beautiful theme, thank you! I really like the simplicity of this one-page design and created a video on your theme to share this with my community on YouTube. I can see this theme being a great choice for job seekers and freelancers who want to showcase their skills, testimonials and services as a way to build their personal brand and attract new opportunities.

Normally I don’t review themes. But this theme absolutely deserves it. Unlike most .org themes, Zerif actually has the user in mind and ( at least it seems so far ) all the functionality mapped out.

You remove an image in one of the sections, the section disappears like you’d expect. If you remove all the widgets from the footer, the rest of the footer ACTUALLY spreads out…

It’s honestly the little things and the attention to detail that has blown me away about this theme. I’m absolutely blown away by this theme.

Download Zerif Lite Theme

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